Saturday, July 27, 2019

Launch Report 2019-2

Location: driveway
Weather: low 90's, wind 0, clear
Total flights: Today - 2; YTD - 4
Total motors: Today - 2; YTD - 2
Motors by class YTD: H2O - 2, MMX-2

Artemus Astronaut Build Notes:

This was made from a little foam astronaut that was handed out by ULA/Boeing at the Apollo 50 Celebration. This was a quick build using hot glue. I sliced out some of the foam and glued in the motor mount (T4 tubing with a motor block made from T3 and a balsa plug). The fins were cut from an Estes motor blister pack. I used an Estes lug so I didn't have to search for my MicroMaxx launch rods.

Flight Report:

Even though it is foam rubber, the Astronaut  is a tad heavy for the MicroMaxx motor. I didn't even hazard a guess at its stability. I figure it was soft and wouldn't go far. I was right, I guess it flew to about 10ft and boinked nicely on landing. I flew it twice.

The video is here.


  1. Sounds like you shouldn’t have had too much trouble finding Mr. Astronaut! I’ve never flown MicroMaxx motors, but they are certainly noisier than I expected.
    I’m currently building my first Astron Spaceman. I’ve only been wanting one since I first saw them in the Estes catalog in 1964. :)

    1. The Spaceman is too small for anything bigger than a MicroMaxx, although 1/4A power would have been more satisfying. I had considered cloning an Estes Spaceman as an upscale but never got around to it :(