Friday, January 25, 2019

Book Review: Make: High-Power Rockets, by Mike Westerfield

Make: High-Power Rockets, is written for anyone interested in high-power rocketry certification. The book takes a hands-on approach to designing rockets with rocket simulators, covers construction techniques, and deals with the sometimes tricky issues of picking the right black powder charge, drilling appropriately sized vent holes, and picking parachutes. Each rocket has detailed assembly instructions accompanied by color photographs illustrating each step. The book discusses dual deploy in detail, showing both the classic two-bay solution and a single-bay dual deploy system that will work with practically any high-power rocket. Two of the rockets have design options that allow you to build them for either dual deploy design so you can experiment with both.  The book also covers tracking with GPS and directional radio.

Along the way, you also learn everything you will need to pass the level 2 exam and fill out your level 3 engineering package.  Whether you are looking to certify or are happy with your current cert level, you will find this book interesting and useful.

Make: High Power Rockets is available through most book retail channels including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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