Sunday, November 25, 2018

Apollo lecture by Gene Krantz

This video from Gene Krantz was forwarded to be via my old MCC contacts. Since it was so widely shared, I will quote his original email. Enjoy!

Team and friends,

I had the privilege to speak at Flight Jacket Night at the Smithsonian. I was following many great airmen and many were in the audience.This year we begin the celebrations of the Apollo Missions and i elected to talk about the landing and the teams of Mission Control.

During the restoration of Mission Control Sandra Tetley and Jennifer Nazarri located some original 16mm film that was taken during the descent. This film was a series of short clips that with the help of Space City Films I turned into a 15 minute segment that covered the descent.

About 20 minutes into the talk I begin a minute by minute narration of the powered descent. My data was derived from my log, air/ground transcript, crew debriefing and final mission report. The process of putting it together was a challenge, and having spoken at the NASM before I knew I had to get it right. Steve Bales and Chuck Deiterich helped me with details, particularly some the Guidance and trajectory calls during the landing.

The presentation is about 50 minutes in duration and the video segments are at the end.

For those who were there I believe it will bring back many memories.

The talk is at Flight Jacket Night

Cheers, Gene

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