Tuesday, October 02, 2018

It's the end of the line for Rockets Magazine :(

Well, as many of us had suspected, Rockets Magazine is no more. You can now download the final issue for free (direct link). The main article is a post-mortem with a walk down memory lane. I had fun reading the magazine both in print and digital formats and even helped out a bit by gathering and writing product announcements. I got a few freebies along the way and this issue features my last sponsored announcement. (Note these were announcements not reviews.) This announcement was for the book, Make: High-Power Rockets by Mike Westerfield. It came out about 8 months late, so I ask all my readers help clear my conscience by reading the announcement (which I included below). I liked the book and it is worth having if you are like or are curious about HPR.

Bob and Neil - it was a good run indeed...thanks for all your efforts!

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