Thursday, October 05, 2017

Launch Report 2017-9 (solo)

Location: My driveway
Weather: overcast; high 70s; wind 0
Total flights: Today - 2 ; YTD - 32
Total motors: Today - 2 ; YTD - 39
Motors by class YTD:  MMX-1; A-2; B-3; C-17; D-3; E-4; F-3; G-5; I-1

My main goal for today was to fly the House of Blues Tetrahedron on a single A10 prior to moving up to four A3's at an organized launch. It is heavy for its size so I decided to risk a launch in my driveway. It flew perfectly straight but its apogee was low enough to ensure a tree-free recovery. Way lower than, say, my Art Applewhite Stealth D3. It did dull the nose a bit as it landed on the street.

About the only other thing that I can fly there is a MicroMaxx saucer. I knew of a loose motor in my range box so I grabbed My Little Cupcake (made from a paper cupcake shell). My MicroMaxx igniter skills are rusty so on my 3rd try I tried something new. I put a drop of hot glue between the leads and the side of the motor, making sure the nozzle itself wasn't plugged. Well, I think I will prep all my MicroMaxxes this way!


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