Saturday, October 14, 2017

Launch Report 2017-10 (MDRA)

Location: Central Sod Farm, ESL-231
Weather: overcast; high 60s; wind 0-5 
Total flights: Today - 6; YTD - 38
Total motors: Today - 11; YTD - 50
Motors by class YTD:  MMX-1; A-6; B-3; C-17; D-3; E-7; F-5; G-6; H-1; I-1

No traffic to-and-fro and great launch weather - not too hot or chilly and almost no wind. The cloud ceiling was low so high flights were impacted...not mine. We were on an alternate field which was covered in mowed grass. Despite a rainy week, the only wet spots were along the central irrigation ditch. My rockets stayed out of it but my left foot didn't.

The flight rate was lively but there were no lines. Got to see Dr. Zooch's prototype Shutte/Carrier stack. And, then there was Tom's N powered rocket!

Lazarus Movie 10 14 2017

Here are my reports:
  1. DG&A Lazarus on an H182-8 - CR@300 - Bright red plume and at-apogee ejection...nice!
  2. Son of Fronkensteen on a G74-6 - After last year's fail, I added a 12" plate to Fronkie's base. This time, it only made one short detour on its way up. See the video in the album linked below. I already have thoughts on next year's version.
  3. THOY Snipe on 3xE9-4 - CR@200 - Slow boost but a good flight.
  4. Fett Boy on an F59-5 - CR@200 - Version 3 flew great. The -5 delay was perfect.
  5. Hat of Death on an F15-0 - Had to fly the Hat as it was intended to fly (as opposed to being on top of Fronkensteen). This was flight #75.
  6. House of Blues Tetrahedron on 4 x A3-4 - It spun wildly end over end. It will fly again at NARHAMS, but on a single motor!
All my photos are [here].

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