Monday, September 18, 2017

House of Blues Tetrahedron

Here is another quick and dirty build. The body is a cardboard tetrahedron that protected a corner on a new washer/dryer. I gathered three but totally forgot about them. My wife found them mixed with some trash. She is a good rocket girl, well trained to keep an eye out for junk that I can turn into a rocket.

It is less than three inches high so I decided to go with a 13mm mount. The body is a tad heavy but, luckily, I found a 7x13mm motor mount that no longer had a home.

I am thinking about using an A10 on the first flight and then going up to four A3's next.

I fiddled with PaintShop Pro and came up with the panel wraps. I still need to touch up the edges and shoot a clearcoat, but this is basically it (click through if you want to see better views of the individual faces):



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