Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Recycle, Reuse, Rebuild

I have partially disassembled two rockets - the Fett Boy and the Not-a-MIRV.

Fett Boy - man, I sure liked that name. Although it can fly at MDRA, I decided that it uses too much structural metal that is only required for flight if you just have to fly a Bobba Fett bank. (I still think it is safer than a pointy fiberglass rocket, with or without an aluminum tipped nose cone.) The Not-a-MIRV flew OK but the main thing I liked was the triple tube ejection. So, both will be recycled and reused.


When disassembling the Fett's nose cone, I found my missing 8" ballistic drogue. I forgot that I attached it to the lead-weighted nose section, which I didn't want coming down by itself on a hard ejection. That's what I get for not launching it for many months after I built it.

So, I have the Fat-Boy body section and the slip-on shoulder from the nose section. I can either mount some other odd item on the latter, make an upscale Fat Boy, or....


So far on the Not-a-MIRV, I have merely chopped the two parts apart. I may separate these parts with a central rod or...

Now, what to chop up next?

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