Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fett Boy rebuild

Here is the main structure of the new Fett Boy. The rocket is about half an inch over scale.


I used a plastic cone that I built a long time ago but never flew. It fits the 3" tubing and also mates nicely with the tube that telescopes over the main body. I wanted to use the telescoping tube so I don't have to attach the backpack and arms onto the body of the rocket.

I have also accumulated/fabricated most of the parts for the jet/rocket pack. I still need the top of the fuel tanks and a maybe some nozzles.


This is yet another 'use what you got' build and I think I may squeak by without buying any new paint. The paint I have isn't exactly what I would have chosen had I bought all new stuff. If what I have doesn't look OK to me, I will buy a few bottles of Testor's brush on paint.

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