Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mercury Redstoned rework

I have added a forward launch lug and have selected a new nosecone. I will rename it for the flight card but will keep the old name in tags, folders, etc to keep the variants together.


Here is what I considered (L-to-R):
  1. Plastic Frankenstein head. The name would be Mercury Fankenstone. I liked the name but it was a bit small.
  2. Soft foam cone that I made for a boink water rocket. If history repeats itself, a squishy cone might be a good thing. However, it is a bit big and would require even more launch lug work. Plus, if history repeats itself, this is going in the trash bin.
  3. Harder foam cone with a plastic tip, also made for a water rocket. It was never used. It fit well and I liked the look. It isn't well finished but seems to fit this oddroc well enough. It might be damaged even on a nominal recovery. Oh well, there are other options after this.
  4. A plastic Apollo LEM that I build for some reason.  I decided there were too many small pieces that would be guaranteed to break off even if the flight was otherwise successful.
So, this was my selection:


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