Sunday, July 09, 2017

Mercury Redstoned goonie

I have continued to kick around what I want to do with the paper Mercury capsule. I'm stuck on using the tube I presented earlier...when the tube fits, use it.  The issue come in that the paper capsule is very light and wouldn't hold up if weight were added. This could be fixed, but I have decided to use it as is.  With the given tube length, this means big fins (or other stabilizing device(s) - ie streamers, skeletons, etc) and forward mounted motors.

Here is my first concept. The capsule is bonded to the top of the tube. Actually, the bottom - the slip-on cap will sit on the bottom and it will be rear eject.  The four 18mm mounts will be canted. Fins - balsa or foamboard? Should I make a harness so it comes down  parallel to the ground? Or use a big honkin' 'chute deployed by the Chute Release? Either way, I have to protect the fragile capsule. Or not and just plan to print another.

Mercury Restoned

PS - Only the followers of canted motor oddrocs on TRF will get the skeleton reference.

PPS - I'm still not sold on another cluster. I have so many I want to fly and my stock of favored starters is dwindling.

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