Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mercury Redstone in the buff


Here it is with everything but paint and recovery components.  It is actually flat black at the moment. I'll snap a photo tomorrow.
Aside: Often, whenever I bitch about not being able to get something completed, it gets done. Conversely, when I think I have plenty of time, other things try to suck up all my time.
I didn't intend to give this a great finish, however, I find a few spots that don't meet my admittedly low standards. I also have to inspect the edges of the fins to make sure the Rustoleum paint didn't eat up the foam.  It doesn't look like it but when the paint is dry and it is bright out I may find out differently.  It now looks like I'm short of time so I don't plan to do much. Except for adding the recovery harness. Tri-fold mount, baby :)

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