Saturday, July 22, 2017

Launch Report 2017-6 (MDRA)

Location: Central Sod Farm, ESL-228
Weather: partly cloudy, until the thunderstorm; 93 and felt like 106; wind 0-5 
Total flights: Today - 4; YTD - 24
Total motors: Today - 7; YTD - 28
Motors by class YTD:  A-1; B-3; C-12; D-2; E-4; F-3; G-2; I-1

By all rights, this could be counted as a bad day. Except for the fact that ROCKETS were involved.

It was really hot, a huge thunderstorm cut the day short and two of my three rockets failed miserably. I did get to chat with some old friends, see some nice HPR flights including a YUGE Bullpup, and I got my motors from Kenny!

My Flights:
  1. Apollo Command/Service Module on an F44-4 - When reporting on TRF, I mused that this model would benefit from more airspeed. Nope. It wiggled and then took a fast right turn. It survived but will be cannibalized. I sure had a rough time getting the motor lit. Luckily the F44s have a wide throat.
  2. Transparent Rocket on a D12-3 - Nice flight. The outer tube is fine but you can see the inner one was slightly melted/warped.
  3. Transparent Rocket on an F15-8 - Another good flight. The outer tube is still pristine. The dual fishing line shock cord tangles badly but works well enough.  Someday, I will try to clean the inside but, for now, it has a shiny silver finish.
  4. Mercury Redstoned on 4  xC6-5 - It barely got off the pad. Only the paper capsule perished. This will be the subject of a separate post.

MDRA ESL 228 7/22/2017