Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The transparent rocket progress

I goofed big time on the fins. At the last second, I decided to change their orientation, making what was the leading edge the root. Somehow, one was attached in the original orientation. D'OH!  I used (gasp) hot glue as not many types of glue work well of the polycarbonate tubing. So the errant fin should be easy to remove, right? Nope. This won't affect its flight but it looks a bit silly. But it is a silly rocket so WTH. Here are the best two:


I went with a fishing line recovery harness. My original plan wasn't working out so I went with my favorite cord replacement technique. That is, punch holes in the airframe. This will be covered with clear tape prior to flight.


I have a nose cone but will continue looking for one I like better. Here are the parts dry fit together.


I am still deciding between a clear plastic-bag-chute or a caution tape streamer. I may just build a chute and then decide.

I am also chickening out on using an 'F' on its first flight. A D12-5 should work fine and the whole flight should be observable.

Can you see it?


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