Monday, June 26, 2017

No man rocket left behind!

Whenever possible, I rebuild the carcasses of my damaged rockets. Last month, on its 23rd flight, my Half A$$-Tron Superroc lawn darted. It appeared the motor mound leaked the ejection charge. The mount was probably damaged when this rocket's predecessor shredded on a D21 and the so-called 'hibachi effect' from the composite motor cooked it. The lower body was warped and the paint had bubbled. That didn't stop me from rebuilding then and the lawn dart won't stop me now.

Here is the before photo:


I am often surprised at the strength of good quality balsa. The nose is just slightly blunt and there one one paint chip. I touched it up with a Sharpie and reused it. It has character.

The top BT-20 was destroyed and has been replaced with a 6" long section.

The two sections of BT-50 (one blue and one silver) were largely intact with only a slight buckle. I trimmed the silver tube as the top was fairly beat up anyway. I added a whole BT-50 above that.

Some will say I should have replaced the buckled tubes entirely but I wanted to keep the ugly, warped, bubbled fin can. So, I treated the buckles with thin CA and wrapped the tubes with some Duck tape.

I cleaned out the motor mount and epoxied a new one in. Here is the result, now known as the 2nd Half:

Second Half

This will fly as a heads-up as this build is surely slightly crooked.

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