Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My latest mindworm: a clear rocket

My mind has latched on to the idea of a clear rocket based on a T8 (~30mm) fluorescent light cover. A 29mm motor will fit very loosely but masking tape will take care of that. My thoughts:

  • My last one, based on a T12 (more like BT-60 IIRC and only the body was clear), crumpled on a RoadRunner F-something. Since I would opt for an F15, I am thinking of doubling up the body, which might help with the motor fit also. The F15 is milder and the smaller tube would be stronger, but there isn't much penalty weight wise. Plus, if it is merely slipped in, it might be a way to get rid of the ejection residue.
  • I have a couple of options for fins. I have leftover Lexan (heavier) and some small clear plastic dividers. Six of the dividers seem like they will do the trick.
  • The tall pole will be a clear nose cone. I dug up a suitable translucent doohickey but if it isn't crystal clear, I might just as well use something with a solid color. I tried heat-shrinking a clear bottle but getting one down to 29mm is too much. Maybe if I start with a skinnier bottle?
Anyway, the search for the nose cone is up first. Meanwhile, other fin options may arise. 

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