Thursday, June 15, 2017

More on the clear rocket

(Don't look at the component dimensions, just how they fit together.)

My only progress on the mindsim is the concept on how the inner and outer bodies will fit together. The inner, sectioned tube will not be permanently attached. Instead, it will sit about 1/2" below the main body. I will add a tape thrust ring and then will tape the two sections together. The same method will retain the motor in the inner tube.  The shock tether will be some thick monofilament line from my Dad's old tackle box. It will be mounted through-the-wall to the inner tube. Tape will hold it all together and the inner tube is easily replaceable if it doesn't clean well.

Nose cone: I've thought about PET bottle preforms (hat tip to George and Brian), rolled plastic, heat shrunk PET plastic, plastic packaging from teardrop-shaped bulbs.  So far, the translucent plastic vial I alluded to earlier is the front runner. Not as clear as I'd like but it is about the right size and it is free.

Fins: I'm not quite satisfied with what I have so I'll keep scrounging.

Recovery: I have conflicting advice. Geroge says a clear chute and on a TRF thread I saw that a colored chute might be advisable if I want to find it. I'm thinking about a long caution tape streamer.

Name: Wonder Woman's Clear Rocket?

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