Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A product of rocket boredom

Based on a recent TRF thread, I thought I might build a clear rocket based on the skinnier FTC tubing (I forget its alphanumeric designation).  I already had the tube and was digging around for parts. This project may move on later this summer, but I digress. What I found was a part of what appears to be a small 13mm parachute duration model. I came in the box of dead rockets that I inherited from a club member. It has really skinny fins and tiny Mylar parachute. The chute was crammed into the central 13mm tube. It's a cool, well-crafted chute. The Mylar is not stiff and crinkly like all the rest that I've seen. Here it is with a launch lug added.


I won't go into all the things I considered and rejected, but this is what I came up with.


Now that I took a photo, it looks like the nose cone is just a tad out of kilter. This will be adjusted (FIXED!!!) and I'll hopefully fly it this coming weekend.

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