Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mini Higgs build, part 3

This morning, I completed the nose cone assembly. This consisted of attaching the top, bottom and tip pieces, sanding & filling, sanding the shoulder to fit, and then attaching said shoulder.


I found my Fill'n'Finish had dried out. The lid seemed tight but it was old and mostly used up. My local Home Depot doesn't carry the Elmers fillers so I decided to try a tiny tub of DAP Plastic Wood-X. It doesn't seem to fill balsa grain quite as well as the Elmers but it seems passable. I will hold judgment until I see what the grain looks like after a coat of primer. One nice feature is that it is pink when moist and white when dry.


I installed the square lugs using balsa spacers that are provided. The lugs are 1/8", which is smaller than what I like on D-powered rockets. I haven't decided if I will also attach 3/16" lugs.

The last step is to cut and attach balsa trim around the upper lug and at the top of the body tube.

When I next post, the rocket should be ready for primer. (Or have primer on?)

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