Monday, May 22, 2017

Mini Higgs build, part 2

The fin units have tabs that fit into precut slots. I put them on with the Trim and Molding glue, No fuss no muss. The standoff for the upper launch lug also mounts this way.


The nose cone consists of eight interlocking pieces and also is easy to assemble. Once the glue is dry, the ends of both sections will be sanded flat. There is a square of balsa to cover the top and a balsa nose cone shoulder.


I was stuck in a drying cycle so I built the parachute. I originally thought I'd use a nylon one from the ol' range box but liked the pattern on the stock canopy.  The canopy is pre-cut and has holes for shroud lines. But you don't use them. Instead, the kit uses self-adhesive strips. The middle of these are not adhesive and form an eyelet where the lines are tied. The instructions even show how to tie buntline hitch knots. I never used this knot but will in the future.


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