Monday, May 22, 2017

Mini Higgs build, part 1

I dug into the build at the very best place to start - at the very beginning, which in this case is the motor mount.


This is not so different than any other LPR mount. It includes rings (squares in this case), a motor clip, motor block, etc. The mount also has two normal round rings to hold the clip securely in place. The Kevlar leader is attached behind the forward square centering ring. Unlike any kit I've had, it also includes a section of shrink tube to protect the lower several inches of the Kevlar.  I pretty much built this stock. If I want to put a bigger motor in one, I will have to buy another one. The only deviation is that I attached the leader with 5-min epoxy.

Next up are the fins. The ply and square fins are both notched to mate with one another. This took some wiggling but they fit great. You have to love laser cutting. I tacked them square with a few drops of Bondic UV-sensitive glue and then started adding fillets using Titebond Wood and Molding Glue (now has a different name). The kit includes several Q-tips to swab glue on.


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