Saturday, May 06, 2017

Mach Buster 2.0

Most of you won't remember Rocket Vision and their line of  'Rugged Rockets'. I only bought the Machbuster (I regret not buying more of them), which was a slightly over minimum-diameter 24mm-powered bird. The body was Garolite, the fins G-10 and the cone was cast resin. It could fly on C-G motors. I flew mine twice, once on a D12 and once on a G55. My flight log for the latter read, "Bang...and it was gone."

A month or so ago, someone on TRF asked about the kit. Patelldp found the body tube material and started producing 3-D printed nose cones to match the original Machbuster. When he offered to sell a limited edition kit, I signed up for one. (I will probably regret not buying two.)

Along the way, the kit got CNC cut fins, a 3-D printed shock cord mount, 6' of Kevlar cord,  and a 3-D printed fin alignment tool. Here is a photo Dan took of the parts.

I was going to slot the body tube as in the original kit, however, after seeing the alignment tool, am thinking I will just surface mount them. The other decision prior to building is where to mount the shock cord mount. I need to leave enough room for a streamer and don't want it too close to the motor ejection charge. I won't fly reloads in this and will likely never see another G55 so I am also thinking of sizing it for the 24/60 hardware, which will allow E9 and E12's to fit.

Dan is currently only selling these limited kits through TRF. So, it ya' want one, ya' need to join :)

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