Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mach Buster 2,0, part 3

I had been pondering whether I should buy a set of decals from Stickershock (available, but not on their website last I checked). However, I had time to work on it today and I decided just to use some sparkly holographic sticker stock. And, here it is....


I added a piece of elastic between the Kevlar leader and the nose cone. This slips into the cone and should help protect the printed connection point. With 6' of Kevlar, that may not be necessary but I've gotten used to doing this on LPR and small MPR builds. It currently has a 6' 'caution tape' streamer and will fly on a C11-7 at MDRA. I want to go small for the maiden flight to maximize the probability of a second flight. The RockSim model was updated with as-built numbers and it says it will go a bit over 500'. The optimal delay is about 5 seconds. I have three- and seven-second delays and think I will opt for the -7.

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