Sunday, May 07, 2017

Mach Buster 2.0, part 2

This was a nice, simple one day build. Less painting, of course.

I noted the foil-lined 24mm tube is very, very snug in the Garolite body. Since a tape thrust ring or reload closure will push on the body tube, I left the mount pressure fit.

I started by planning the position of the shock cord mount by spotting the depth of an installed 24/60 casing, the nose cone shoulder, and width of my planned streamer. The hole in the shock cord mount had to be drilled out. I then installed the cord and pulled it out the back. I swabbed in a blob of 5-minute epoxy and shoved the mount into position.

The fins were attached, one at a time, using 5-minute epoxy. The alignment tool worked great. I then formed fillets, also with the 5-minute epoxy. After reading the EMRR flight reports on the original, I opted for a 1/4" lug. Small rail buttons would be nice but I don't have any and don't plan to buy any.


The nose cone is a little rough. However, since this will get plenty of altitude, I'm going to leave it. I'm afraid that it will look ugly after sanding, which will lead to painting. That would be a waste of colored plastic.  Purple would look good on the body. Or, maybe I'll leave it white and add some red holographic trim,

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