Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Best of 2016

Time again to post my favorite rocket stuff from the past year. For the first time since I've been compiling this list, I didn't come up with 10 items. I was on track to do so, but the weather and life, in general, got in the way. The good news is I hope to have a couple of next years items in the bag.

1. Last year, the Chesapeake Sea Monster build made the list. This year, its flight makes the top position. It flew 100% successfully on three D12s and eight C6s. Watch the video here.


2. But, before it flew, there was the Baby CSM.


3. This year saw the release of what I think is the best thing to happen to sport rocketry since the barometric altimeter - Jolly Logic's Chute Release! This unit facilitated a bunch of short walks this past season!

4. My new Fat Boys flew: The Micro Fat Boy and the Fett Boy.


5. A new form of finless rockets emerged: KenECoyote's Ram Air Intake Stabilized (RAIS) designs. I was fortunate to be able to beta test one of them. It worked and, after several successful 'solo' tests, was allowed to fly at NARHAMS!


6. I had wanted a 3-D printed rocket for many years and this year it happened with a Boyce Aerospace Hobbies' 1:312 Saturn V! This cute little thing flew nicely on a C6-3.


7. I didn't fly anything over a 'G' all year. Next year I will, thanks to an order placed with Ken at Performance Hobbies.

8. There were all sorts of cool professional rocket flights (and landings) this year and I even got to see the Antares OA-5 from my front yard. But it was stuntman Eddie Braun's recreation of Evel Knievel's jump over the Snake River that caught my fancy.

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