Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Crayon planning and a side comment

I had been wanting to get Estes Crayon rockets for the grandrocketeers and the latest Estes sale gave me the opportunity. I have to admit that I bought the bundle pack to give me a couple to play with. They don't need that many, do they? My ulterior motive was fueled by this post by RocketECoyote.

Since they arrived (see previous post for da' photo), I have been pondering what to do with them, with finless and an upgrade to 29mm being the first two options. Unfortunately, the RTF guts will have to be dealt with. I went back to the post linked above and, when I read it again, I'm pretty sure he mostly used the stock tube without said guts.

So, for a finless, I could cut off the fin can and replace it with BT-60 that is painted to match. This can could be re-used someday. For 29mm, I'd have to cut it off, modify it, and reattach it.  I guess that's doable. At the moment I don't have any motivation.

Five of the six rockets came in good condition. The wraps were slightly crinkled over the fin can but they are perfectly acceptable. The white one, however is a mess. The tube was oblong and the 'Estes' sticker looks like my 3 year old grandkid put it on.  I carefully squished the tube back to round and at least the cone holds it that way. The wanted to re-apply the sticker, or remove it, but he underlying white wrap was tearing so I just left it. I guess the kids won't notice. This is not worth bugging Estes about and I feel better now that I've bitched a little :)

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