Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Another finless rocket, maybe yes and maybe no

Well, KenECoyote has unveiled another finless rocket concept that has tickled my fancy - an Apollo Command/Service Module. I love its stubbiness and that big nozzle. I have my doubts on the feasibility of making this a finless rocket. However...

I downloaded a 1:48 scale paper model with the intent of using it as skins. This came out to be about 3.25" in diameter. Rather than making a tube or fiddling with the scale of the printout, I am just adapting the wraps to a 3" mailing tube. The lower part of the capsule section will be left off and will expose the 6 strakes that will center a BT-60 in the 3" tube. These will extend a half-inch below the body. The bottom will be solid and thus air entering the top will be pushed out sideways at the base. This is Ken's 'RAIS' concept,

I will build it, add nose weight and re-mindsim the concept. If the probability of success seems to more than 25%, it will stay finless. If not, I'll punt and kludge some fins.

The dimensions are not right and the mass distribution is way off, but here is a cut at modeling it in RockSim.

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