Sunday, October 02, 2016

Well, I guess I will build the Frankenstein head odd-roc afterall

Last night, Brian Coyle's idea of putting the Hat of Death on the foam Frankenstein head popped to mind. It bounced around for a while and I decided to build something!

The Hat itself fits pretty loosely so I'll have to do something to snug it up.

I considered a cluster of three canted 24mm mounts but decided that would be too much work and probably a waste of my precious E9 firecrackers. So, one motor it is. I'm thinking about using an F44 but am putting in a 29mm  mount just in case.

I also briefly considered a foamboard body with the legs and arms being the fins. However, the move to a single motor pushed that thought aside. I think I'll go with a lower plate so the end result will resemble a spool rocket of sorts. I built a high power spool that works well but all my small spool-like rockets seemed to spin end-over-end. So, this might result in one of those "really cool flights."

So, if the paint doesn't eat the foam (I will test it) and if I don't break it up while reaming a hole for a 1/4" rod, I may have a rocket in a few days.

So, what should I name it? Franken Hat? The Frank of Death? Brianstrein? FrankenCoyle? Frahnkensteen?

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