Monday, October 03, 2016

Presenting the Gene Wilder Fronkensteen Memorial Hat

Well, I went and did it again...Brian Coyle suggested a name and I stole his idea. Now, Brian, if you want to go ahead and order a motor and have it drop-shipped to me, I'll put your name on the flight card too. LOL. Thanks for the ideas!

The Gene Wilder Fankensteen Memorial Hat

The green paint wasn't foam safe but didn't eat too much when applied lightly. I DID use foam safe paint for the black hair. However, it ran down Frankie's forehead and I made a royal mess of that. I had to backfill a bit with Fill'n'Finish, To top it off, most of that area was covered by the wraps of thin foam that I glued to his forehead just to snug up the Hat. I will touch-up the small bit that peeks out below that wrap, although it doesn't matter much since it is under the Hat. If it becomes visible at the launch, the flight didn't go so well anyway.

I think there is a 75% chance this contraption will spin wildly and the foam head will be toast. It will go off the HPR pads on a 1/4" rod. I'm leaning towards an F44 for the first flight to minimize the carnage. If it works, a G74 will be next.

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