Saturday, October 15, 2016

Launch Report 2016-9 (MDRA)

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD, ESL-220
Weather: sunny, mid 60's, wind ~5
Total flights: Today - 4; YTD - 66
Total motors: Today - 4; YTD - 84
Motors by class YTD: MMX-1, 1/2A-2, A-17, B-2, C-28, D-7, E-10, F-7, G-10

This was an extremely strange launch for me. Every flight had potentially catastrophic issues but, somehow, 3 out of 4 came home unscathed. See the individual reports.

My only regret was that I had to leave before Tom Cohen's big rocket flew.

My Flights:
  1. Gene Wilder Memorial Fronkensteen Hat on an F44 -  This one supun around wildly. I have plans to re-do it for next year.
  2. Estes Mega Mosquito on an F15-4 - I didn't used the Chute Release as the wind had pretty much died out. The chute tangled and I thought it was going to be a goner. However, it was saved by a small tree. What luck!
  3. Estes Ventris on a G74-6 - Chute Release @ 200' - It took 4 tries but it had a nice high flight with ejection near apogee. The Chute Release was supposed to let go at 200'. Instead, the 'chute opened at about 20'. I assume it just took a while to shake loose (?). Amazingly, that was enough altitude to recover successfully. More luck!
  4. Standard Cray-ARM on a G185-5 - Chute Release @ 300' - I checked with AMW to make sure the forward closure wasn't one of the bad ones. It wasn't. The boost was really fast. It had a nice bonus delay which resulted in a pucker factor of 10. I was sure the delay had snuffed out. However, it ejected below the Chure Release altitude and recovered unharmed. Also lucky!
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