Saturday, September 17, 2016

Launch Report 2016-8 (MDRA)

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD, ESL-219
Weather: 75-80, mostly overcast, wind 0-10
Total flights: Today - 5; YTD - 62
Total motors: Today - 10; YTD - 80
Motors by class YTD: MMX-1, 1/2A-2, A-17, B-2, C-28, D-7, E-10, F-5, G-8

Nice day, no shade required. The crowd didn't look too bad but the pads were mostly full on each round. I once again had a misfire on a G74SU using the stock igniter and left without flying the Ventris.

My Flights:
  1. Landshark on a G118-8 - CR@300' - Fast flight, short walk.
  2. Mini Chesapeake Sea Monster on 5 x A10 - All 5 lit using the Cluster Buck. See the partial video in the album below.
  3. Boyce Saturn V on an C6-3 - Despite a marginal thrust/weight ratio, it flew well with just a little wobble. The dowel tower and one fin broke. I will replace the fin with 1/64th G10 and attach it with Bondic UV sensitive glue.
  4. Chesapeake Sky Monster on two D12-3s - Only one went and it quickly nosedived. Amazingly there was no damage.
  5. Chesapeake Sky Monster on two E12-4s - Both lit and it did a wider loop before hitting the ground. It was still under power so it tried to head off toward Bat-mite's tent. Both motors ejected on the ground. It doesn't look in too bad a shape in the attached photo, but it is not repairable. Needed more power? It was out of kilter due to the crash? The 'skeleton' design had lift issues? Who knows.
I tried to embed the whole Flickr album, but it doesn't seem to be working. If you click on this photo you can navigate backwards through the rest of the photos.