Friday, August 26, 2016

The pitfalls of real-time design (yet another photoless post)

Well, progress on the Chesapeake Air Monster is crawling along.  The good news is that the motor mount flips like is s'posed to. The rest isn't as good.

I added the motor mount tubes and began thinking about adding a thrust point for each motor. Currently, the thrust point is only a bit over a quarter of an inch. No bueno. I cut some wood triangles out of some scrap wood. They should work but they sure look weird (as if the whole build isn't kinda weird). Back to the drawing board.

Then I roughed out to support posts for the back of the motors. I will need about an inch of tape thrust ring. I considered the motor mount plate, but hadn't considered the clearance required for the motor tubes. D'OH! At least they will not be super ugly and the long thrust ring shouldn't hurt anything.

I added some popsicle stick supports at the attachment points for the elastic (note to self...but some thin stuff) and some extra chunks of foam board to get the 1/4" lugs to line up.

Today's worries: 1) Will it glide as is; 2) If the nose is too heavy, will weight on the tail counteract that or should I add more area to the canard?; and, 3) How melted is the stabilizer going to get? Maybe I'll add some metal duct tape to the leading edge.

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