Friday, August 12, 2016

More ekrano-craziness

A while back, in a futile effort to hijack yet another TRF thread, I asked whether the group thought that an ekranoplan like the Chesapeake Sea Monster could be made to glide if the forward motor mount was pivoted like a canard. Displaying good sense, no one responded. During my beach withdrawal, this question resurfaced. And, now I'm going to try to find out for myself.

My general thought is to make a skeleton-style model out of craft foam board and to power it only with the forward mounted motors. The body design is simple but there will be a lot to work out on the pivoting motor mount(s).

Today I roughed out the part dimensions and found that I had a sheet of black foamboard. I now have most of the parts cut out and the first two are being glued together. Although I will continue pondering the motor mount, I plan to just attach a pre-pivoted foamboard plate to see if I can get it to glide. No reason to go further if that doesn't work out.

I have little hope that I will succeed as my last two glider KITS never flew properly. In my first foray into rocketry, I built two that flew wonderfully, one directly from a plan and one scratch built but motivated from a design that I had seen somewhere.  Maybe the latter bodes well for the ekranoplan since it is a canard design with two wings and winglets?

This is generally what the old one looked like, but the dimensions are off.

Canard boost glider 1960s

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