Sunday, August 14, 2016

It glides! It glides!

Well, I consider the first flight test a success. It seems to glide when hand tossed across the yard. A little better against the wind than with it. And the foam survived the initial set of hard nose dives without losing any parts.

I merely wedged on a canard that is sized like the CSM's forward motor  mount. The cant angle was chosen completely unscientifically...just like the rest of the build.  For a few milliseconds, I had thought of looking at a model airplane calculators to determine the proper CG. Instead, I taped on four weights that moved the CG to a couple of inches ahead of the main wing's leading edge. This seemed reasonable from what I remembered from my work with the big F-104 PMC. With four weights it nose dived hard and fast. With three, a little less so. Two looked promising on half the flights. With one, the CG is a couple of inches behind the leading edge and the glide isn't too bad. Close enough for a proof of concept for a project whose future is ambiguous.

It's still a long way of being flight ready. I am no closer on figuring out the motor mount and canard release mechanism. You will note that, in its current configuration, it has a large canard-like winglet. All my initial thoughts have led to two smaller ones. I probably should rig up something like that. Anyway, I am currently satisfied that my question is answered - an ekranoplan can glide.

I might end up gluing on the weight and the canard and giving it to the grandkids.

Ekranoplan: gliding Chesapeake Sea Monster

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