Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rocket launch fix ups in progress

Chesapeake Sea Monster - I cleaned up the torn paper left behind when the rear wing snapped off and filled the exposed areas with Fill'n'Finish. I decided not to re-paper these areas but rather just to fill the grain and hit it with white primer. I am gluing the wing back on with the same Titebond no-drip wood glue that I used the first time. I first thought about beefing up that joint with epoxy or glue rivets or whatever. Then I realized that, if the joint is too strong, it is likely that the wood itself would break. A frangible joint isn't always bad. Glue fillets are drying. Primer tomorrow or the next day.

Big Brute - There was a small ding on the tip of one fin and a big chunk of paint chipped off the cone. The fin is cleaned up and will be touch painted. I waited too long before the two coats of paint on the cone and it crazed. That has been re-sanded and will be repainted in a couple of days.

Jayhawk - Most of the fin joints on the body had some cracks. I treated these with thin CA, did a little filling, and touch-primed them. I will also touch up the color coat with a brush. I'd have to mask a bunch of decals to spray this one. The nose cone is another animal. The two canards are held in place with two dowels that run through the nose cone. One of these snapped off.  I decided to cut the dowels out of the canards and replace them. What a mess I made of them. I contacted Mike Stoop at Madcow and he will send me replacements for only the cost of shipping. What a class act!

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