Monday, July 18, 2016

Next build: Boyce 1:312 Saturn V

For quite a while I've been wanting a 3-D printed rocket. I have generally thought they are too expensive and a couple of attempts to get economical parts fell through. Last week, however, I learned that Boyce Aerospace Hobbies is back in business. And they are offering 3-D printed scale rockets! What interested me is their line of 'mini' kits. These range in price from $11.59 to $23.00 and seemed like a good way to experience a 3-D printed kit first hand. I opted for the big expensive one - a 1:312 scale Saturn V that is just over a foot tall and flies on a C6-5's.

The kit consists of nine printed parts, including a nozzle unit for display. The escape tower is merely a section of wooden dowel. You have to add a Kevlar shock tether and a parachute.


Assorted musings:

The kit includes a motor retainer with an integral launch lug. That's both useful and it keeps a launch lug off your nice scale model.

As is typical for these things, the surface is rough. I don't think I'll try to sand it smooth. But will make sure everything fits well.

They say to use CA on it - I'm thinking 5-min epoxy, applied very lightly.

The motor mount is very thick. My first thought is that I could drill some holes to lighten it up.

It will require nose weight. They don't say how much, but do tell you where the CG needs to be.

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