Tuesday, July 19, 2016

3-D printed Saturn V build notes, part 2

This is the "well, crap, that ain't supposed to happen" edition.  I proceeded to dry stack the parts, put in a motor, and fill the nose section with 0.8 ounces of lead.  I checked the CG and it is almost as specified in the instructions. It is less than 1/8" of the goal. Well, that's not too bad.

Then I raise one eyebrow as I look at those tiny fins. True scale, no (not 'bo' as originally posted) clear stuff.

Then I weigh it and find it comes in at 4.21 oz.  I check the charts and Estes launch weight specs and find this doesn't leave the proper thrust-to-weight ratio and exceeds Estes' recommendation. hence, the "well crap" status.

What's an extra 0.21 ounces anyway? Where are my B14s?

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