Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Strange Angel", Jack Parsons' story is coming to the small screen

Way back in 2008, I asked and answered (partially) the question: Who is Jack Parsons, and why haven't I heard of him?  In short, John Whiteside (Jack) Parsons was a self educated but brilliant chemist, solid rocket pioneer, member of the CalTech's GALCIT (Guggenheim Aeronautic Laboratory), and co-founder of Aerojet Corporation. He also ran a commune and practiced the occult.

Now via MaxQ on TRF and IndieWire, I see that Ridley Scott and AMC are producing a mini-series on Jack. This has the potential to be really great, however, it will have to balance craziness with genius, just like the man himself. I'll watch it and will share my two cents here. Whenever that may be.

Meanwhile, here is a short bio.

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