Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Quick status and boring

Well, after 6 months of inactivity, I finally built something! With a hat tip to TRF member KenECoyote, I got to do a beta-test build of a ducted, finless rocket. The design is rated Cosmic Top Secret so if I gave any details I'd have to disintegrate you. It flies on mini-motors and I am searching for spot to fly it solo. The first three places I checked were either filled with toddlers or park employees. If I don't find a launch site, it hopefully will fly at NARHAMS. If they don't let it fly, it may not fly for a while since I am booked during MDRA's June launch.

I also performed surgery on the Saturn V, SA-667, removing the aluminum concentrator that fed the induction tube. This expanded the air gap by about 3/8". Hopefully it will fly again later in the summer...assuming I ever manage to get to another MDRA launch.