Thursday, June 30, 2016

Launch Report 2016-6 (solo)

Location: a park in the next county over
Weather: low 80's, cloudy, wind 0+
Total flights: Today - 3; YTD - 52
Total motors: Today - 5; YTD - 55
Motors by class YTD: MMX-1, 1/2A-2, A-12, B-2, C-19, D-3, E-8, F-4, G-4

The main purpose of this outing was to fly the Baby Chesapeake Sea Monster on a minimal load of three A10-3's. However, I brought a couple of other mini-motor-powered rockets too.

The Baby CSM flew beautifully, arrow straight with ejection a couple of seconds after apogee. The flight was lower than I anticipated and next time will probably put two A10's in the forward pods. There was a little forward tube damage due to the heavy nose bouncing back. I will lengthen the shock tether before the next flight and will at least prime it. If you follow the album below, you will see that there was a tiny amount of soot deposited here and there. Light sanding should take care of that. The success today bodes well for it's 11-motor big brother!

My ancient Estes Skinny Mini and Cognis Eenie Meanie (Mean Machine downscale) both flew much higher on A10-3's, as real rockets a supposed to do.  The Eenie Meanie managed to find one of the nearby trees, but it was recovered.

Baby Cheasapeake Sea Monster 1st flight

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