Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Baby CSM, after a night's sleep

I have pretty much decided on three A10's for the first flight. I haven't decided on vintage Q2G2's or a quickmatch bundle. I checked Michael's and Wallymart for A10s with no luck. I hope to snag some at Hobby Lobby this week and launch next week. We'll see. HL only stocks one pack of A10's at a time so if it's already sold, I'll miss that window.

If that falls through and I can make the July MDRA I may just wait until then. Whether at a park or MDRA, the baby version will fly first and, if successful, I'll try the bigger one.  If the baby is unsuccessful, I will have to put the big one on the backburner and rethink things.

I did the swing test and it passed. That's at least a good sign.

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