Monday, May 23, 2016

A blast from the past heads to the dump

Prompted by the unrelated relocation of stuff in the Dungeon, I decided that I need to thin the herd. However, when contemplating what should go and how, I find it's going to be very difficult. I started with 'the boneyard, a corner where I pile damaged and generally unflyable rockets. I manged to come up with a mere four candidates. I drug these begrudgingly to the trash and took photos to remember them by. Only three made it into the can and the fourth will make its way back to the boneyard. Like I said, very difficult.

One of those being chunked is the carcass of the CrayShipOne. This rocket was built in 2005 for EMRR's NASRoc and MonsterRoc photo contest. This was a crayon rocket celebration of the SpaceShipOne and features NASCAR-like sponsor stickers. It won 1st place and snagged me a copy of the "Spaceship Handbook" by Jack Hagerty and Jon C. Rogers.

On its last flight, the 'chute snagged and broke the main wings/fins. It has sat idle for a couple of years and, thus, had to go.


In memoriam, here's the text from my entry:

YEEEEE HAW! CrayShipOne is 4" x 47" of AP-burnin', heads-up callin', crowd-pleasin' craziness. Weighing in at bit over 5 pounds, it is bound to make any RSO sweat bullets! A Loki H144 should boost this MonsterROC to around 1000 feet.

CrayShipOne sports logos from a D.C. rock station and MDRA, and has custom stickers for all its major "sponsors". If you want to see your logo proudly displayed on the CrayShipOne, you had better hurry - there may not be a second chance! After it brings home the MonsterROC Prize, the builder hopes to market the design to a British (make that ANY) billionaire.