Saturday, March 26, 2016

Launch Report 2016-1 (NARHAMS)

Location: NARHAMS/Ag Center
Weather: sunny, mid 50's, the wind was very mild
Total flights: Today - 10; YTD - 10
Total motors: Today - 10; YTD - 10
Motors by class YTD: MMX-1, C-3, D-1, E-1, F-2, G-2

Before reporting on today's frivolity, I ask you to please pray for Jeroen Louwers, who was badly injured in a fire at the CTI facility. Jeroen has been CTI's voice on TRF and will be sadly missed. Hopefully, he will have a speedy recovery and will be back soon.

The highlight of today's launch was the workout that I gave to my brand spanking new Jolly Logic Chute Release. The Chute Release holds your parachute closed until it drops to a pre-specified altitude. I initially selected 300' but immediately switched down to 200'. On a plastic 'chute, I went back to 300' in case it opened slower. All in all, this is one of my favorite rocketry doohickies! It worked well on four various nylon 'chutes and one 24" plastic one.

My Flights (the values in parens are the expected altitude vs Chute Release setting):
  1. AquaBottleBat on a G74-6 - (900/300) Excellent 1st flight for the Chute Release!
  2. Estes Mega Mosquito on an F15-4 - (850/200)
  3. Estes Archer-from-Partizon on a G74-6 - (1200/200)
  4. Estes Majestic on an E16-6 - (900/200) - I couldn't get the Cute Release far enough down to allow the nose cone to fully seat. Silly Estes plastic shock cord mount :( Anyway, the cone has a long shoulder so I just added some tape to hold snugly in place. Worked flawlessly!
  5. F-in-Rocket on an F15-6 - (???/300 with plastic 'chute) - I detected no delay in the 'chute opening.
  6. MPC Iron Man on a C11-3
  7. Steve's X-Wing on a D12-5 - Very late deployment but a successful recovery. This needs a -3 delay when the outboards aren't used.
  8. Micro Fat Boy on a MicroMaxxII - First flight of this little rocket. The streamer even deployed.
  9. Half A$$tron on a C6-3 - Separation! The thin Kevlar snapped. Both parts recovered unharmed.
  10. Art Applewhite Stealth D6 on a C6-0