Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Apologies for the mini-flood of 'test posts' (this post should probably be ignored too)

I'm sorry for all the test posts, except the one with the NF-104 that stands on its own.  While trying to figure out why photo-less posts on Google+ were using the MDRA logo from my sidebar, I was also battling a new incompatibility between Blogger and Google+ which made working on the blog difficult. Along the way I found where the incompatibility was coming from and fixed that. Whew.

However, I couldn't find out why the MDRA logo was special. I added new photos here and there to no avail. I tried different locations, file formats, sizes, etc. When I removed the MDRA logo, Google+ started grabbing a random photo from my blogroll. WTF?

I had asked on the help forum but didn't get a response. So, I made two changes which eliminated any random photos in my Google+ cross-posts. Yay. First, I  moved my featured links from my sidebar to my links page that resides below my blog header. While there, I cleaned up my links list. Since I don't really use the blogroll here and many feeds were hosed anyway, I also deleted the blog roll. I suggest that those who are interested should join feedly and populate their own blogroll. It works better than the embedded roll and you can populate it with your own favorites.

Now, if this post on G+ has some unrelated photo attached, my head may explode :)