Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The Chesapeake Sea Monster, the final build post

Here it is with my typical '10ft paint job'. 'Nuff said about that! You can see that it sports a Maryland-themed blue crab and the MDRA logo. These fit the name just fine! I couldn't find any commercial stickers that were of a reasonable size for the model. Even the smaller MDRA logos were too big. So I sized some images and printed them on label stock. You can see the edges and the white background doesn't match the primer...remember the 10ft theme. All that's left is: 1) get the wife to sew loops in my thick underwear shock cord; 2) kick round 2 of this URTI; and, 3) get a warm(ish), dry day on the weekend after next.

Here is one view. If you click through to  my album there are a few more.