Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Rainy day ekranoplan thoughts

It's been too rainy to prime and even get in a swing test. I decided to make a Rocksim model just for kicks. Despite having put in all sorts of crazy winged things with pods and pods on pods, I was having a tough time and have thrown in the towel. Even if I could figure it out, the process wasn't fun. So, I'm back to just swing testing the thing. Interestingly enough, the CG is about the same whether I use new motors of just empty cases (the 18mm cases are in the form of an equivalent, tape-on mass). That means a swing test should be good at ignition and post burnout. Tomorrow if Mother Nature is willing.

Random stuff...I made two igniter sets for the 18mm motors and have plugged said motors. I still need pigtails for all the igniters, which means I need to pilfer some used igniter wires off the high power pads. Couldn't bring myself to order new shooter wire. Amazingly, there is still a slim chance for a December flight. I'd consider flying it nekkid.