Monday, November 23, 2015

The ekranoplan is crawling along


After recovering from a URTI (which also kept me off the field this past weekend), I have resumed work on the Chesapeake Sea Monster. The photo shows one of the transitions that I have been talking about. I made these from a white styrofoam cone from Hobby Lobby. I really hate that rough craft stuff, but it seemed to be the path of least resistance. I cut the end to a bit over the diameter of the tube. I then marked the thickness of the spar and cut the sides off. Once installed, I sanded the transition flat with the tube and began applying with wood filler. It will take three coats. I'll then apply a swab of white glue, which will hopefully protect the foam from the primer. In my experience, this works OK if you use multiple light coats. If any of the foam gets eroded, those areas can be refilled. There will not be any close up photos of the final result!

Random notes/comments about the photo:

  • You can see the rear launch lug. The stand-off was required to clear the forward motor mount plate and the cockpit. Looks like I need a bigger fillet.
  • I am keeping spent motors in the canted mounts since the bottom one is often supporting the weight of rocket and the all seem to get bumped. This is not as big an issue after the rocket got long enough to fit on my rocket rack.
  • The photo in the background isn't the one mine is patterned after, although it did lead to some design mods. The Chesapeake Sea Monster isn't exactly scale.