Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Questions and a complaint

First the questions. Thought I'd ask them here before I risk embarrassing myself over this build on the forums. Since I know there are two rocketeers who read this and are familiar with mayhem...

Q1: On an nominally 2.25" airframe, what's the bare minimum spacing between the motor and the baffle? I forget the common wisdom and don't have the instructions from a FlisKits one.

Q2: A x3 mount on a two finned rocket means one motor will be on one side and two on the other. Should the pair of motors reside on side opposite the C's or does it matter? On the same side will help with fin charring, but that comes in second to raising the odds of a successful flight.

Now the complaint. As I was cutting the 1/8" ply with a utility knife, my wrist started bothering me. I knew well enough to crab an NSAID and put the cutting aside. Well, this morning I can't put any pressure on the hand. So. the second half of the mounting plate will have to wait. In my current plans, there isn't a lot more to do until I start cutting wood. again. I may be out of the business of hand cutting plywood. That helps the decision to use more thick balsa on this rocket. Or, maybe I should grab some basswood. Or a bandsaw.