Wednesday, November 04, 2015

No complaints here...the Chesapeake Sea Monster swims on

After complaining in my previous post, my mysterious wrist pain spontaneously disappeared. It must have been fixed by all that November yard work. As a result, I finished cutting the forward motor mounting plate. Yay!

I applied one quick layer of Fill'n'Finish and tacked it on. Then, The Master of All Crazy Canted Motor Rocket Planes pointed out the error of my ways. I had oriented the plate such that one of the canted motors would point right at the rear stabilizer/wings. D'OH. Luckily, the mount was easily removed and was reinstalled on the flip side. I will have some extra sanding but not a big deal.

Unfortunately, ekranoplans are a hard nut to crack. I have a feeling that the rear wings, which will be mounted on the tip of the stabilizer, will still be subject to a little blow torch action. Better to lose the tips than the entire thing, I reckon.

The baffle and Tres mount are also in place. Next up are the main wings and then I will start applying some fillets. I now have to get serious about figuring out the tail section.

This shows the progress to date. If you click through, you will find three additional views. The tail will be quite a distance behind what is shown here. (See this reference diagram.)