Friday, November 13, 2015

Chesapeake Sea Monster update


The Avery full sized labels came today and I have started slapping them on. In this photo, the tail section is just dry-fit. In fact, the tail-mounted 24mm mount wasn't on the flip side at the time the photo was taken. So, let's see what's left other than sanding, filling, filleting, and paint.

  • Paper and attach the rear fin set.
  • Paper and attach the tips on the main fins.
  • Attach the tail section permanently. I may shorten it just a tad.
  • Attach transitions to the tail section.
  • Front launch lug.
  • More shock tether.
  • Final balance and nose weight, as required.
  • Prep motors and igniters.
With the eight forward motors, three main motors and a 'chute, the CG is about half way between the forward mounts and the leading edge of the fins. Not too bad!